Kayak Basic Rescue Kit

Kayak Basic Rescue Kit


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Kayak unpin kit for setting up a Z Drag Rescue for unwrapping your boat. 

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Every Kayaker should have a basic rescue kit to help get themselves, their kayak or their mate out of trouble. When it comes to rescue, you may have to recover your boat or someone else’s boat in the event someone capsizes.

 In this situation, an efficient mechanism for retrieving a boat is required, you will need to set up a Z Drag with two pulleys.

If a carabiner only set up is used, not only is it less efficient, but you may run into issues with friction that affects your rope.

The Z Drag Rescue setup with pulleys requires;
  1. Two pulleys
  2. Four carabiners
  3. 2 Prusik loops
  4. An anchor rope for webbing
  5. One rope used to haul in the object you are after.

The diagram below shows how to rig a Z Drag setup using two pulleys, used for swiftwater rescue and climbing situations.


Z Drag setup using two pulleys

Your kit should be kept in your life jacket pockets in case you get separated from your kayak and need it.

All kayakers should have a throwbag on their waist at all times, for basic rescues.  A knife and a whistle is also a must have piece of gear.  

The rope you carry in your throwbag should be a suitable length and breaking strain to deal with a whitewater rescue.  Otherwise a second rope should be carried.

 Kit Contains

  • 4 Force 6 Locking Carabiners
  • 2 Axis Micro Pullies
  • 3m of 6mm Prussic Cord (2 x 1.5mtr lengths)
  • 5m of 25mm webbing 

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