Large Waist Rescue Throwbag

Large Waist Rescue Throwbag


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Re-Throw without re-packing feature,

The bottom of the bag can hold water, so if your throw fails to connect with your rescue target.

You can pull the rope in and scoop up some water into the bottom of the throwbag and throw it out again fast, without needing to re-pack. 

This waist throwbag fits up to 20mtrs of our 9.1mm High Tensile rope.  The waist belt webbing is 38mm wide so it is comfortable to wear and doesn’t dig into your waist like thinner webbing can.    The reflective strip at the base of the bag helps it be seen in low light conditions.  Water easily drains out of this bag through the big mesh panel, which helps the rope dry after being used.  

  • Fits up to 20m of 9.1mm (or 10mm) rope.
  • Highly reflective tape around the base for added visibility.
  • Built-in mesh panel for fast water drainage.
  • Built in floatation at the base to assist floating in the water.
  • Can hold some water for the weight needed throw a bag again before it’s re-packed.
  • End loop, secured by internal rope knot.

Rope Specs (when selected as an option)

  • 9.1mm High Tensile Floating Rope (when selected as an option)
  • Breaking strain of 1335kgs
  • Meets the NFPA Specification for a floating water throwline
  • Double Braid Construction
  • Bumpy sheath for non-slip grip
  • Easy to pack into throwbags
  • Excellent floating characteristics 
  • Bright colour make it easy to see

All Throwbag rope has a manufacturers "In Use" lifespan of 5 years from date of first use.

Throwbag Measurements

  • 30cm long
  • 12cm wide
  • 850 grams with 20mtrs of rope

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