Incredibly strong, yet weighs a mere 52grams. Easier to carry in your life jacket pocket or swiftwater rescue kit than...
The SMC Force D Screw-Lock Carabiner is an affordable, rock-solid design that has proven itself in the field around the...
The SMC Force Oval Screw-Gate Carabiner is the perfect and affordable carabiner for your rescue bag. ISO Cold Forging process delivers...
High Quality Aluminum with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Axle The SMC Shuttle Tandem Rope Pulley is designed for use in Tyrolean traverses,...
Built for the unique requirements found in Swiftwater Rescue, this aluminum pulley weighs 6 oz. and features a 2" sheave....
The SMC Rescue Swivel, flawless in severe rock and rescue conditions.
Rigging plates are indispensable and help make setting up a rope system quicker and safer.
Easy to rig and handle when wearing gloves,