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We provide high quality, versatile and affordable rescue training equipment to the: Emergency Services, Veterinary, Training Organisations and those involved in providing Rescue and Disaster Management training programmes.


Horse Mannequin

These equine training mannequins are vital to train with to gain the skills needed for real animal rescues.  These mannequins are made out of durable rubber to withstand a multitude of harsh training environments.

The mannequin horse has lifting & pulling eyes that enable easy placement into challenging scenarios. The mannequin is virtually watertight and can be used in water/bog rescue.

The horse is built with particular emphasis on making it as life-like as possible: mimicking joint articulation, muscle definition and tones. All these features help the emergency services to train using a model as close to the real thing as possible. The Resquip Mannequin has been engineered in such a fashion that it is possible to lock his legs, meaning it can stand unsupported on its own hooves; essential for many rescue training situations, particularly those involving water and mud entrapment.

Construction: The body is made from a high quality abrasion resistant polymer and is based around a laser precision cut metal skeleton; all exposed metalwork is galvanised to increase resistance to corrosion. The mannequin comes supplied with a castor trolley for movement around a yard and the option to upgrade to the pneumatic wheeled trolley for more challenging terrain.

  • Horse with pneumatic wheeled trolley $14,100.00 excluding GST.  
  • Cow mannequin with pneumatic wheeled trolley $15,450.00 excluding GST

Glide Mat System

The Glide mats are designed to help move an animal to a safe location, away from where it was rescued.

The glide mat system is designed to be versatile not only in the field, but to suit a wide variety of vehicles. The main feature of the glide mat system is its modular system; enabling mats to be stored flat packed and assembled on site via 2 quick connections. The main components to this system are the spreader/pull bar, featuring a kick up for riding over rough terrain and the glide mat itself. The glide mat has matching location holes on all 4 sides; meaning the spreader bar can be attached and pulled on any side. The material used is of highest quality giving great resistance to wear, huge strength and fantastic weight advantages over other plastics.

The 4 Piece Glide mats come in 6mm or 10mm thick HDPE sheets (High Density Polyethylene). The 6mm mats are designed for regular use and the 10mm mats are harder wearing and more durable. 

They are a modular set and connect quickly with special nuts and bolts (included in kit) that can be done up by hand. When assembled it measures 1.2mtrs wide by 2.4mtrs long. The mats are then connected to an aluminium pull bar which has a large 16mm D Shackle (included in kit) that can be pulled along the ground once the animal is secured to the mat. This pull bar is angled to easily be pulled over uneven terrain. The mats can be pulled from any side by moving the position of the pull bar.

With the animal sedated (by a qualified vet) and on the glide mat, the straps make sure the animal is secure before moving.

Kit includes all of the parts listed below:

  • 1 x "Spider Strop" comprising a central stainless-steel ring with four purple webbing / black Velcro strops (used to secure an animal's legs to the glide mat via the four 1 tonne round-sling hobbles and short or long connectors below). 
  • 4 x Purple 1 tonne round-sling hobbles 
  • 1 x Long extension strap – purple 
  • 1 x Short extension strap – purple 
  • 2 x “Y" Strops comprising a central stainless steel ring with 2 yellow webbing / black Velcro strops, and 1 black webbing strop with cam buckle (used to secure an animal's shoulders and hindquarters to the glide mat). 
  • 2 x Grey & yellow cam buckle pads
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Strop Guide

The Strop Guide is used to get slings under the animal.  These guides are just over 2mtrs long and are made out of spring steel.   There is a blunt hook on one end and a two handed handle on the other.  It is pushed under the animal, the slings are then looped over the hook then pulled back under the animal. The guides come pre-curved to make it easy to slide under the animal. This can be bent into any curve you need and is galvanised for durability. 

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Eburn Spreader Bar

The Eburn Spreader Bar is a vital piece of equipment for the rescuing of large animals like horses and cows.  The spreader bar attaches to a lifting device like a crane.  Once the slings or harness is fitted onto the animal the bar is raised to rescue the recumbent animal.  The spreader bar also has two guide line points for rescuers on the ground to change the angle of the spreader bar and animal while raised.   There is a quick twin action release mechanism on the bar which can easily detach the slings or harness allowing the animal to be quickly freed after being lowered to a safe location.  This twin action release mechanism is controlled by two ropes attached to the bar.   

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Eburn Spreader Bar with Hampshire Slings

Complete set up with spreader bar, two Hampshire slings with anti-spill straps.

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Large Animal Rescue Harness & Continuous Loop Strop  

The Large Animal Rescue Harness offers an increased amount of support to the stomach of animals and is very useful for larger horses and cows.  This harness needs to be used with the Eburn Spreader Bar and the Continuous Loop Strop.

The Continuous Loop Strop feeds through the Large Animal Rescue Harness and secures it to the Eburn Spreader Bar.  When the twin action release mechanism on the bar is pulled the loop strop slides through the rings holding the harness onto the animal and easily undoes.  

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Heavy Limb Crooks

The Heavy Limb Crooks are used as extensions of the rescuers arms to move straps and the animals legs keeping them out of the danger area.

Made out of thick 25mm aluminium tube these Heavy Limb Crooks are strong and will not rust. The hook measures about 19cms across and has a total length of 138cms. There is a firm rubber handle on the end to give the user good grip.

Made in Australia.

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Nicopoulos Needle

The Nicopoulos Needle has proven itself to be essential to large animal rescues in mud and sand. It is used to guide straps around the torso of a trapped animal. The Nicopolous Needle connects to a water hose by its 25mm Storz connector. With water coming out of the five holes at the head of the needle it helps create a path through mud or sand making it easier to pass under the animal. There is an attachment point at the end of the Nicopolous Needle to secure straps to pull back under the animal.
The Nicopolous Needle is curved to follow the shape of an animal’s abdomen. It is made out of a 2 metre long piece of 15mm stainless steel pipe with both ends designed to unscrew to make cleaning easier.
Made in Australia.

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Mud Lance

The Mud Lance helps to free an animal that is stuck in mud or wet sand by injecting water deep under the surface next to the animal. The water entering the mud or sand help create positive pressure and counteracts the sucking effect when trying to lift and free the animal.
The Mud Lance connects to a water hose by its 25mm Storz connector. The water flow can easily be controlled by the ball valve at the top. Made from 15mm stainless steel the Mudlance is strong and will not rust. It has four small holes at the tip for the water to come out. It comes in two even sections to make it easy to carry and is fast to set up. It measures 125cms when screwed together. Both ends can unscrew to make cleaning easier.  Made in Australia.

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Flat Slings

The Slings we sell are made in Australia and are soft for greater animal care and increased flexibility.  Minimum Breaking Strength of 8000kgs. 

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Improvised Halter

The Improvised Halter is a great quick option for quickly securing a Halter to an animal in a rescue situation.  The 5mtr Halter is string and soft.  It has an eye on one end to make the halter out of.  Comes with instructions with how to use.

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Lead Rope

The lead rope is an essential piece of equipment.  This 6mtr long 8mm thick lead has a stainless steel snap hook spliced onto one end and a hand loop at the other.

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