Waist Rescue Throwbag

Waist Rescue Throwbag


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The Big Water Waist Rescue Throwbag is perfect for all river or flood water rescues.

Used by rafting guides, kayakers, SUP enthusiasts and Pack-rafters. 

  • Can fit up to 20m of 8mm rope.  
  • Built-in mesh panel for fast water drainage.

  • Built in floatation for added buoyancy.
  • Quality buckles have been used to prevent accidental un-clipping.

Throwbag Measurements

  • 26cm long
  • 11cm wide
  • 650grams with 20mtrs of rope

Rope Specs (when selected as an option)

8mm Floating Rescue Rope is the perfect rope for being packed into a throwbag and thrown to a person into in the water. The rope is a single braid and is highly flexible which makes it ideal for packing into throwbags. Its bright yellow colour makes it visible in any water and floats high on the surface.

  • Breaking strain of 770kgs
  • Good handling
  • Superior quality fibres
  • Easily packable
  • Excellent floating characteristics

This rope is not suitable for any tensioned rope rescues like Z Drags.

Please see this THROWBAG for High Tensioned Rescues.

All Throwbag rope has a manufacturers "In Use" lifespan of 5 years from date of first use.

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