4 Reasons Why An Outdoor Lifestyle Can Help You Live Longer

Add years to your life by living an authentic outdoor lifestyle....

An outdoor lifestyle can be interpreted in many different ways.

It could be someone who just loves the outdoors and spends as much time as possible in the mountains and nature. It could be someone who lives as natural a lifestyle possible that is friendly for our ecosystem. It could be the extreme adventurer that is traveling to the ends of the Earth for paddling and whitewater pursuits. It could be the average ski bum who is a powder seeker, chasing freshies all winter long.

What these people have in common is that because of their passion for the outdoors, they all experience these 4 key elements to a better life.

1. Exercise

A key part of outdoor recreation is exercise, whether it by rafting, running, climbing, kayaking or skiing.

2. Less Stress

One of the main reasons why people spend time outdoors is that it’s peaceful and an escape from the typical day-to-day. This helps us let go of the daily stresses in our lives, including full-on work schedules, home responsibilities and interpersonal tensions.

3.Increased Happiness

Overall, we spend time outdoors because it makes us happy, right? Well, happiness has often been a link to increased longevity, so you’re on the right track to living longer!

4.Better Diet

What we put into our bodies is essentially fuel. Don’t you want to put in the best fuel possible?

Studies have shown that typically more active individuals have better diets and smaller waistlines. Therefore, healthier and better functioning bodies all around.

So, now you know the longevity benefits of being outside so you don’t have to make excuses for kayaking and adventuring so much – it’s all helping you live longer!

And you're at the right place for getting the gear you need to get yourself out there.