SMC Oval Screw Gate Carabiner

SMC Oval Screw Gate Carabiner


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The SMC Force Oval Screw-Gate Carabiner is the perfect and affordable carabiner for your rescue bag.

  • ISO Cold Forging process delivers unparalleled strength to weight ratios.
  • Rounded external radius of the carabiner moves easily through hardware and won't catch on webbing or other soft connections.
  • Smooth, rounded inside diameters for great interface with ropes and webbing.
  • Symmetrical oval design offers predictable loading, making them perfect for aid climbing and rescue, where you don't want any load shifts when weighted.
  • Locks with an effective and effortless Screw-Lok sleeve.


  • Breaking Strain 22kN
  • Dimensions 107mm by 56mm
  • Gate Opening 12mm
  • Weight 71grams

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