NRS Rescue Cow Tail

NRS Rescue Cow Tail


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With a built-in bungee used with a quick-release harnesses on rescue Life Jackets.

  • Stainless O-ring includes a hook patch of "hook and loop" material that facilitates centering of the O-ring on vests that have the loop material sewn on in the back.
  • It also has a hook patch on the carabiner end. This mates with a loop piece available on some rescue PFDs, forming a quick-release holder for the carabiner.
  • The Cow Tail length is from the stainless steel ring to the start of the carabiner.
  • The 50cm Cow tail comes with the Black NRS Nuq Twist Lock Carabiner prevents accidental snagging in the field or with other gear.
  • The 83cm Cow tail comes with a standard carabiner in silver (non Locking).

Available in two lengths.  Measurements are at un-stretched.

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