NRS Pilot Knife

NRS Pilot Knife


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Discover the unmatched versatility and extended functionality of the NRS Pilot Knife, cherished by both professional and recreational boaters. Its extra length and purpose-built design make it a top choice for freshwater boating and rescue missions, seamlessly pairing with a PFD for optimal performance.

Ideal for various settings, the NRS Pilot Knife is not just limited to the water; its practical features make it a must-have for your car, camp bin, and garage. Ensure you're always prepared with this multi-functional tool.

For saltwater enthusiasts, the NRS Titanium Pilot Knife offers the same outstanding performance with added corrosion resistance.

Featuring the low-profile Thumbs Up Sheath™, this knife securely stashes fixed blades and allows for quick, one-handed deployment with a simple flick of the thumb. Attach the sheath firmly to your PFD lash tab for easy access, and use the lanyard attachment point on the knife handle to prevent blade loss in challenging waters.

The lanyard attachment point doubles as a valve wrench for oxygen tanks, adding practicality to your swiftwater safety gear.

Addressing all cutting needs, the partially serrated edge with 'reverse scallop' serrations excels at severing tough fibers. The asymmetrical handle and blade, coupled with the blunt tip, ensure proper blade orientation and minimize the risk of injury during rescue operations.

Enhanced with jimping along the top of the blade edge, the NRS Pilot Knife provides secure thumb placement and prevents grip slippage. The all-weather G10 handle, featuring hand contouring and a comfortable, rubberized grip, ensures maximum blade control even in wet environments.

Elevate your river rescue equipment with the NRS Pilot Knife—where functionality meets reliability for swiftwater safety.

  • Total Length 18cms
  • Blade Length 9cms
  • Weight 125g

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