Force 6 Swim Harness 3 Point

Force 6 Swim Harness 3 Point


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Force 6 Swim Harness 3 Point

The Force 6 three-point leg harness system is designed to keep the PFD from riding up, decreasing the chance the rescuer aspirates water when repeatedly be dunked and hit by waves.  Our harness also helps keep the rescuer’s head high above the aerated water when swimming in large swollen streams and rivers at flood stage.

  • Fit's the RescueOPS PFD
  • The harness (A167) comes as pair straps with left and right legs marked
  • Quick-release on both legs for extrication
  • Our leg harness systems are an extra safety measure and not a substitute for a poorly fitted PFD.
  • Size - fits small – 2 XL  


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