Force 6 R3 PFD

Force 6 R3 PFD


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Rescue Professional Life Jacket

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R3 – Rescuer version 3 is the latest version of our highly successful 25-year-old water rescue PFD, the Rescuer.  The Rescuer PFD model launched Force 6 as a worldwide water rescue PFD manufacturer. Force 6 designed the Rescuer as a heavy-duty, high buoyancy PFD made for swimming in aerated water.  This PFD is tough enough to bounce off trees, self-rescue, and save others in harsh environments.  Public safety teams around the world have trusted the Rescuer for decades.  This PFD has undoubtedly been deployed to more major flood events than any PFD on the market.  The new R3 proudly preserves all the features of the Rescuer, and it adds a heavy-duty molle platform skin that gives teams/rescuers the ability to build their own rig.  The R3 has hundreds of configuration options.

R3 is water rescue vest designed for rescue professionals involved in boat and shore operations - medium to high-risk swift water environments. 


  • Design your rig - The new molle skin on the R3 gives teams/rescuers the ability to build their own rig with hundreds of configuration options. This design allows for a smooth, clean front on the PFD for climbing back on a boat, PWC, and ice. (Especially if you mount the QR buckle on the side)
  • QR buckle (tethered swimming ) can be mounted in 4 different positions. Center-left, center-right, left side, and right side of the PFD.  The QR belt can also be easily removed.
  • Visibility – we have doubled the reflective tape on the R3 and moved it higher on the PFD for better visibility
  • Pockets – we have several front pocket options for the R3 – the great thing about molle pockets is if you break a zipper, it can be field replaced  We also have a great back-pocket option for this PFD.
  • Name badge - Hook-loop (Velcro) on front chest and back of PFD for nameplates and badges
  • Throw bag belt – optional – new throw bags and dart can be mounted to the R3 with this belt
  • Leg harness – both 3 point and 4 point harness fits this PFD  
  • Velcro t-tabs on the webbing for managing excess
  • Certifications - Transport Canada and ULC certified
  • Heavy duty - 420 denier high tenacity fabric (stronger than most 600 D) and a YKK Front entry zipper
  • 26 lbs., 11.8 kg (M/L) and 32 lbs., 14.5 kg (XL) of flotation
  • Colours options – red
  • M/L 32’’ - 52’’ 80cm - 132cm - flotation 26 lbs., 11.8 kg (M/L)
  • XL   43 - 62’’ 110cm - 158cm - flotation 32 lbs., 14.5 kg (XL)

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