Floating Rescue Rope 8mm

Floating Rescue Rope 8mm


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Perfect rope for being packed into a throwbag and thrown to a person into in the water.  

The rope is a single braid and is highly flexible which makes it ideal for packing into throwbags.  Its bright yellow colour makes it visible in any water and floats high on the surface.   This rope is not suitable for any tensioned rope rescues like Z Drags.  If you need a rope for tensioned rescues choose either the Big Water 8mm NFPA Throwline Rope or the 9.1mm NFPA Throwline Rope.


  • Breaking strain of 770kgs
  • Good handling
  • Superior quality fibres
  • Easily packable
  • Excellent floating characteristics
  • Bright colour make it easy to see


Available in set lengths at $2.40/m

All Throwbag rope has a manufacturers "In Use" lifespan of 5 years from date of first use.

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