CrossLine Reach Rescue Device

CrossLine Reach Rescue Device


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Reach Rope Retriever For Water Rescue

CROSSLine Reach Rope Retriever Line Capture Device

The Reach Rope Retriever is the world's first line capture device that can securely grab ropes, lines, or cables at a distance. The Reach is an elegant mechanical device with one simple yet important job: to securely capture another line from afar. When the Line Capture Device is thrown across any line, rope, or cable, it will cross, clip, and capture that line as securely as a carabiner.

The Reach Protection System is really just a progressive enhancement of the primary rescue tool in swiftwater rescue...the throwline. We add the remote capture capabilities of a REACH device to a Throwbag that has a compact high performance escape/tag/throw-line that can be jettisoned with one hand quickly and accurately.

You can now safely access any discharged line remotely via line capture from a greatly expanded range of positions on the river...upstream, downstream, Rt, Lt or above.

Swiftwater rescue in foot entrapments, strainers, sieves, undercuts, re-circulations, rooms of doom, catcher mitt type eddies, long high water swims resulting flush drownings, can and should be impacted by this technology. Its faster, safer, requires fewer rescuers, and works extremely well in even severe gradient and flow conditions.

The CrossLine Reach Rescue Device has been extensively tested by extreme boaters, and rescue professionals alike and has earned high marks as revolutionary.

The system is being taught within the ACA, Rescue3 International, Rescue Canada and the International Rescue Instructors Alliance and the curriculum of Swiftwater rescue is evolving to set standards for getting current with its capabilities and skillsets required to insure its quick and safe applications.

The Reach is a simple, yet effective, tool that can save lives.



  • Weight: 318 grams
  • 7075 Aircraft aluminum and Stainless steel clip springs for maximum strength and a lightweight assembly.

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