DMM Revolver Screw Gate Carabiner

DMM Revolver Screw Gate Carabiner


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DMM Revolver Screw Gate Carabiner

The Revolver's pulley wheel reduces friction on ropes moving through the carabiner. Placed where the rope changes direction, it reduces rope drag and makes upward movement easier.

The Revolver can be used in an improvised hauling system to help your second over a crux, haul kit bags, or rescue your partner from a crevasse. Where normal carabiners in these systems cause energy to be lost as friction, the Revolver's pulley wheel makes hauling easier by converting more of your energy into movement.

A Revolver in your kit lets you reduce rope drag and make efficient mechanical advantage systems without the need for additional devices.


  • Strength Closed: 24 kN
  • 103mm L x 59mm W
  • 51 grams

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