Arkangel Rescue Raft

Arkangel Rescue Raft


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Flood rescue platform, Portable rescue boat, Rapid deployment inflatable raft.

With ARK's vast inflatable boat experience and Queensland Fire & Rescue's vast flood rescue experience, the result is this ideal rescue boat, the Arkangel AA 420. Many designs and configurations were rigorously tested and the result is a finely tuned, versatile inflatable rescue boat. Rescue demands many special features to deal with multiple scenarios, thus the addition of 14 well placed heavy duty multi-directional D-rings, and 10 carry handles, this rapid deployment inflatable has become standard operating equipment in many regions in Australia. The Ark Angel can be manoeuvred into any scenario either by paddling or by roping it in using the array of precisely place strong attachment points.
The AR 420 can be launched in a matter of minutes by a single person. It is a small easily carried and stored package that inflates in minutes. When the chips are down and the waters high many people have welcomed the sight of this bright yellow saviour emerging from the mist.
Available in 2 or 3 Thwart (extra cost for 3 thwart model)

  • Ultra rugged construction
  • Large diameter 370 mm tubes for stability and buoyancy
  • Heavy duty 750Dring attachments
  • D ring Towing system
  • Grab handle boarding system
  • Dropstich inflatable floor
  • Can be carried like a stretcher
  • Easily and rapidly deployed
  • Comes with a lace up carry bag
  • Operated by two personnel
  • Collapses to 100 X 50 X 45cm
  • Weight 28kg
  • Paddle raft OR canoe style.
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Super fast Self bailing system
  • yellow and Red OR Orange Bright Rescue colours
  • RESCUE Signs (Custom Signage Available)

Thwart attachment: fixed, removable D-ring, or removable/adjustable slotted baton
Additional carry handles
Additional D-rings

These rafts are a specialised craft and all sales need to be made direct with Big Water.  Please email us your enquiry today.

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