ARK Prawn Packraft

ARK Prawn Packraft


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The ARK PRAWN is a 1 person self-bailing packraft, that is very portable, whether folded or inflated, allowing the adventurous to get to the most remote and inaccessible of places.  It is easy to fit into a backpack to hike into rivers to explore.
ARK´s 22 years´ experience in building rugged inflatable boats and rafts for all kinds of conditions, has allowed them to design the ultimate, rugged packraft that will provide years of pleasure. Whether you like to run rivers, float and fish, or explore your secret river, lake or waterway ­ the PRAWN presents an expedition-grade packraft that provides you with freedom, speed and agility.


Rafting, adventure, fishing and fun on any water.


The design philosophy ARK adopted was to encompass performance, comfort, ruggedness and easy portage into the prawn solo adventurer. ARK has designed the prawn to put a maximum amount of tube where it is needed at the rear where the paddler sits, whilst using narrower tubes along the sides for easy paddling and
Smaller and simpler in design than most Inflatable canoes, the Prawn is the next level in lightweight boats.
Paddled like a kayak the Prawn can be controlled with ease and paddling straight is aided by the innovative sting in the tail which drags a small skeg for directional tracking.
The Prawn sports an inflatable floor and snug fitting tubes, providing you with hours of comfortable paddling, angling and exploring.


  • Air chambers: 2 (tube and floor)
  • Fully inflatable
  • Grab lines
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Carrying capacity: 1 adult to 110kg
  • Packed size: 50cm x 35cm x 35cm
  • Includes hand pump, carry bag and repair kit



Series PR 245
Packed Size
and Weight
Weight 8kg
Length 2.55m
Width (inside) 380mm/290mm
Width (external) 950mm/880mm
Tube Diameter 290mm side tubes


The ARK Prawns are made to order and take about 3 weeks to make.

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