ARK Nile Inflatable Raft

ARK Nile Inflatable Raft


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NILE KN Series - Commercial white water adventure rafting.

Equipped for up to grade 5 rivers.
When we created the NILE KN-Series, we wanted a fast and manoeuvrable raft that could handle low-volume bony waters but still go the whole hog on a grade 5 river. We made it super buoyant, and gave it a long nose and a well-kicked bow that radically reduces the waterline drag in quiet water, while giving it the effect of a longer boat in white water. The result: improved performance all round. All boats in the NILE KN- Series are fast, manoeuvrable inflatables that remain totally predictable at all times.

Nile 365 (12t) $5145.00

Nile 400 (13ft) $5455.00

Nile 430 (14ft) pictured.  $5945.00

  • High performance 520-mm tubes
  • Full-wrap double skin
  • Rubber fender
  • Fixed I-Beam floors (retrofit system, for easy replacement)
  • Large volume Inflation valves
  • 7 air chambers (minimum)
  • Fixed or removable thwarts
  • Heavy Duty Stainless D-rings for full perimeter Grab line
  • 18mm Grab line
  • 6 conveniently placed carry handles for easy portage
  • Optional Xtra D-rings for the oar rig and gear tie downs

Whilst the NILE is considered one of the world's best all-round rafts, we acknowledge that all rivers and river operations are unique and that many require customisation adapted for this. Our production and design techniques allow us almost limitless versatility. Fully digital cutting and CAD design processes make this a reality. Customisable features such as tube shapes with higher and lower kick and rocker, through to D-ring placement and foot straps. In short, any raft is possible. Your dream raft has arrived.

Even more exciting, you can brand your raft as much as your fantasy (and budget) desires. Just email us your logos and artwork or let us design it for you. ARK is highly experienced at branding boats with corporate identities and sponsorship promotions.

Delivery close to any sea port is approximately $220.00


Series KN365 KN400 KN430
Packed Size and Weight 95 x 48 x 48cm (53kg) 90 x 55 x 50cm (61kg) 100 x 60 x 52cm (70kg)
Length 3.65m 4.0m 4.3m
Width 1.75M 1.96m 1.96m
Tube Diameter 520mm 520mm 520mm
Stern / Bow Kick 70cm / 70cm 76cm / 76cm 76cm / 76cm
Thwarts 2 2-3 2-4
Thwart Diameter 300mm 300mm 300mm
Air Chambers 5 + thwarts 5 + thwarts 5 + thwarts
Capacity 3-5 persons 4-7 persons 4-9 persons

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