Eclipse Spraydeck

Eclipse Spraydeck


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The Eclipse spraydeck comes in different cockpit sizes and will suit fibreglass and plastic kayaks. The 4mm pad neoprene makes for an ultra strong and durable skirt ideal for touring or intermediate whitewater use. The pull tag is sewn on making it easy to roll off your cockpit reducing the wear and tear on your skirt. Whilst the Plastisol bubble grip provides a burley seal and reduces the chance of implosion of your skirt.


  • 4mm Strong pad Neoprene for increased durability over standard neoprene
  • Bubbles grip allows the skirt to hold in times of need and increases the performance
  • All seams are glue stitched and seamsealed for bombproof joins.


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Sprayskirt Fit Guide

This fit guide shows recommended maximum stretch lengths and widths for Solution decks. It is a guide only for spray skirts and we recommend that the skirts not be stretched beyond this point for a longer skirt life. Skirts stretched beyond this point may not be covered by warranty.
NB:Neoprene is quite flexible and you could expect it to stretch up to 10cm more, any more than that it may reduce the life of the waist.

Skirts - Sizing 
Recommended fit
Cockpit Size      Length (cm) Width (cm)

  1. Small    65-75cm long - 40-44cm wide
  2. Medium 85-95cm long - 48-52cm wide
  3. Large    90-100cm long - 53-57cm wide

Waist Fitting
Waist Size  (cm)

  1. Extra Small   65 - 75 
  2. Small           70 - 80 
  3. Medium        75 - 85 
  4. Large           80 - 90 
  5. X-Large        85 - 95

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